with "A" Grade
& CGPA of 3.39
out of 4.00
sse pdpu
Ph.D Ongoing

Name:  Ajendra Singh
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh G Desai
Title: Quantifying Porosity-Permeability relationship and modelling Heterogeneity of Bioturbated clastic rocks: Application in Oil and Gas reservoirs

Name:  Rincy Anto
Guide: Dr. Uttam K. Bhui
Title: Chemical Characterization of Crude Oils in Molecular Level: It`s bearing & applications to issues during production from Sub Surface Reservoirs to Surface Facilities

Name:  Mr. Jatin Agarwal
Guide: Prof. Subhash Shah & Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Correlation to predict wax deposition in crude oil pipelines.

Name:  Saheli Sanyal
Guide: Dr Uttam K. Bhui
Title: Clay Minerals in Hydrocarbon Reservoir rocks and their Interactions with Crude Oils and Brines: Its Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Name:  Vaishali Sharma
Guide: Dr Anirbid Sircar
Title: Reservoir Characterization of Cambay Shale and hydro-fracturing modelling for its exploitation

Name:  Maunish Shah
Guide: Prof. Subhash Shah & Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Selection of well candidate and diverter for re-fracturing treatment in hydrocarbon bearing formations

Name:  Kriti Yadav
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Exploration of Geothermal Heat Sources in Gujarat, India